• Kathryn Allen

Well, it's been a while...

So... the last couple of years have been a wild ride, globally and personally. Before COVID-19, I was already at a point where I couldn't continue at my job, even part-time. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted and I simply could not do it anymore. Being there was making me hollow. Then the world became the first ten minutes of an apocalyptic horror movie.

I am now focussing on my writing, my health and my life. This being said, I am very excited to announce my new book 'Blue Moons and Unicorns' is now available. I had planned that the next book would be a follow up to 'Last Loose End' but my brain wasn't able to deliver on that. Instead, we have the beginning of a new series with new characters. It is available in multiple formats of ebook through Smashwords and paperback through Amazon. See the links here. Please use the code UL57Y at to purchase it for free or through If you like the book, please leave it a many starred review wherever you bought it.

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