• Kathryn Allen

Meeting your heroes - it's not always a disappointment

I am a big fan of Lee Child and the Jack Reacher book series (can't say the same for the movies though) and so when I saw he was doing an author talk nearby I was excited, concerned and then cautiously excited again. The issue is that I had an idea in my head of what Lee Child would be like and I desperately didn't want that tainted with any sort of reality that didn't line up with that. You know the drill, you finally hear someone you admire speak or meet them and they turn out to be a prat. I've met a few actors over the years and have been sorely disappointed that the characters they played in no way reflected their actual personalities. I sucked it up though and went along. Luckily Lee Child turned out to be entertaining and forthright and finding out more about him didn't mess with my past or future enjoyment of his books.

It may seem ridiculous that the two interlinked for me but I see the same things in movies, television and music. I enjoy the efforts of some artist until I find they've done something I can't back. That's why I have actually avoided my favourite authors, musicians and actors on Twitter. I have no doubt I'm missing out on some fantastic interactions but at the same time ignorance could very much be bliss.

Time to take the blinkers off perhaps and be open to learning more about other heroes of mine, in case there are more Lees and less prats out there.

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