• Kathryn Allen

Here's to 2019 and Beyond

While I'm not a New Year's resolution type person there is something about a fresh new calendar that gives me the feel of possibilities and hope. I doubt I'll be getting fit and healthy any time soon nor will I be taking up a new language or similarly bettering myself but I do plan to commit more to my writing. This means a solid chance of Reason's Alibi being released this year which is the next book in the Cole and Sean story. I intend to add to my Short Stories page so there's, you know, more than one. Basically I'm just going to do more writing and share more of it.

Also I'll be looking to lift my game in the marketing department so that can only be fun to come. Fridge magnets, anyone? This seems to be the go to approach for the real estate agents in my area for some reason. As though the day you decide to sell your house you're going to look to your fridge rather than Google. I mean, sure, whatever works I guess. For me the selling your work thing is the hardest part of being an author and I know I'm not alone in that. However, as my husband keeps telling me 'you can't sell a secret' so here goes.

And to you all, whatever your 2019 and beyond looks like I hope it includes things or at least the possibility of things that have you excited about the future.


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