• Kathryn Allen

Fan fiction - another favourite time sink

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

If it's not enough to repeatedly binge watch that show on Netflix, fan fiction might be the stop gap you until the next season.

One of the many, many things I love about the Internet is that it gives so much access to so many writers who would never have otherwise had the opportunity to be published. Not all of it is gold – much like the stuff that is formally published – but some of it is absolutely brilliant. I reread stories over and over and derive the same enjoyment of them as I would any traditionally published book by a much loved author. Yes, they are basing their stories on other people’s characters and no, they don’t profit in a monetary way.

The thing with fan fiction is that there is so much character background and history that can be taken as read without having to establish everything from scratch. The writers take things in all sorts of directions but as a reader you usually have a fairly firm basis to start from. There are some shows I've stopped watching because I don't like where the show writers are taking the characters but I've continued to stay connected through fan fiction stories.

There are many sites that carry fan fiction and a simple Google search will get you there.

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