• Kathryn Allen

Why I write what I do

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

What it says on the tin.

I write what I love to read. My favourite authors – JRR Tolkien, Devon Monk, Lee Childs, John Le Carre, David and Leigh Eddings, Barbara Hambly, Josh Lanyon – all immerse me in their worlds even though they have vastly different styles. In my writing I try to do the same thing so that me as the writer, and hopefully, the reader is fully part of that world.

I also write screen plays. Some years ago I made it to the Top 8 of Project Greenlight Australia II on the strength of a feature length drama script I had written in three weeks. The three weeks was because I found out about the competition at the last minute. I have a number of film length and television show script in various states of completeness and plan to spend more time on this during the year. Having seen some of my work performed by actors (when I was doing Project Greenlight) I know the buzz of seeing your dialogue and actions come to life.

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