• Kathryn Allen

1000 Shocking Reasons Clickbait Titles Are The Worst

You know the type of thing, 'Something wildly misleading followed by the fact you'll be shocked or won't believe what happened next.' Clickbait headings and titles drive me nuts and I don't understand how it works for anyone long term. I've clicked on these, of course I have I'm a curious human, but it's a shortlived outcome surely? After the fifth time you click on it and the story bears only a passing connection to the title, are you really going to go back for the sixth time? I now ignore anything that sounds overblown or melodramatic wherever I see it and I can't see how that helps the advertising revenue of those websites . I mean if I am actively giving your content a swerve then how are you benefiting from that exactly?

Here's the really shocking thing. If you provided interesting content, I and plenty of other people would want to read it, ridiculous title not required. And maybe your advertisers would actually see an increase in traffic.

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